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Can You Get a Better Deal on a Car with Cash?

For years, the notion of buying a car with cash somehow ensured that you would get the best deal available. Many people believed in that idea and only bought a car when they could put down all the cold hard cash it...

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5 Ways to Save on Gas This Year

You may have noticed in the last couple of years that EVERYTHING is more expensive. Housing, cars, and groceries are at an all-time high. Eggs are even being treated like crypto-currency. With that in mind, I...

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Keep Track of Your Car's Gas Milage

Summer is the road trip season! If you are planning on putting lots of miles on your car this summer, this is a good time to be mindful of your gas mileage. Maybe you will travel more for business or your family just...

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Criteria for the Right Car Seat

As a child, you probably remember fighting with your sibling over who got to ride in the front passenger seat. You may even be mature enough to remember when cars, trucks, and vans...

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Keep Your Windshield Clear This Winter

Winter can be really long depending on where you live in the country. Most of us fight this long winter battle: Icy windshield on the outside and foggy windshield on the inside. The...

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Winter Weather Ready!

Cold weather is on its way! Bundle up and get ready! You may already be experiencing winter weather conditions, but if not, rest assured, you probably will soon. If you live in the tropics, you, of course, are off the...

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